Library Policies


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Instructional Resources

The Mansfield High School library exists to support students and teachers in their learning and teaching, to create lifelong learners by encouraging critical thinking, curiosity and exploration, and to foster a love of reading in all formats.

This mission is accomplished by:
* Providing intellectual and physical access to information resources in all formats;
* Providing instruction to foster independence in finding and using information and ideas;
* Collaborating with other educators to develop their own and students’ information skills in preparation for college and career pursuits;
* Creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that supports academic inquiry

Student Access
Students may come to the library before and after school, as well as during their lunch period, to seek assistance, research, study or read. During lunch periods, students are asked to sign in with the librarian, and have an academic purpose for their visit.

Monday through Thursday
7:00AM to 3:00 PM
7:00AM to 2:00 PM

Instructional Resources

College and Career
The library has an extensive collection of SAT and AP Preparation books, College Guides, How-to guides for the college essay and scholarship applications, and books on a variety of careers. All of these materials are available for students to check out.

Independent Reading
Many studies confirm the correlation between increased reading and school achievement, as well as higher SAT verbal scores. (Scholastic: Classroom Libraries Work, 2010) Toward that end the MHS library is dedicated to developing a collection that appeals to a wide variety of interests and reading levels, and working with students to develop interest in online news and periodical reading. Students are also encouraged to make suggestions for purchase.

Curriculum Related Nonfiction
According to the Library of Congress, only 10% of the world’s information is available online. Students who plan to attend college will benefit from understanding the depth of information available in print sources to supplement factual data obtained from the Internet. The MHS library has an excellent and up to date collection available for student use.

Technology Access and Use
21st century learning requires access to the Internet, and computers for research, personal exploration, word processing and creating presentations. The library has 36 desktop computers, 30 wireless chromebooks, two printers, two copy machines and a document scanner for student use. There is no charge for printing in black and white or for making copies when documents are course related.

Students must sign out chromebooks and plug them in when they are done so they remain charged for the next user. Although personal device access to the Internet is not yet available, students may use personal computers in the library for word processing.

The district computers and network are provided as educational tools for students, staff and the community. Class and course work related use of this equipment takes priority and all non-educational use, including exploring web resources of personal interest is dependent on availability of computers, network capacity and library staff approval. Games are not allowed on school computers.

Circulation Policy
All library materials are available for checkout. Although students are encouraged to return materials as soon as they are finished using them, notices will be sent to those students who need a reminder during homeroom periods.
At the end of the year, lost books will result in a replacement cost:
• Hardcover $25
• Paperback $10
• DVD $15

Behavioral Guidelines
The library is a community learning space and must serve multiple purposes.
All students are expected to conduct themselves with consideration and thoughtfulness for the rights of others and will be treated with dignity and respect by library staff. Students who consistently demonstrate disregard for the library community may have their library privileges revoked for a period of time.

In accordance with school policy, food and uncovered drink are only allowed in the cafeteria.

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