Testing Accommodations FAQs

  1. How do students with disabilities (IEP/504) receive accommodations for the MCAS?


    The students' IEP or Section 504 Team determines how the student will participate in MCAS.  If the Team determines that it is appropriate and allowed within the guidelines, certain testing accommodations are permitted.  If the Team determines that the student's disability prevents the student from taking the MCAS test, even with accommodations, the Team must develop an alternate assessment for that student which is appropriate to the student's academic development.

  2. How do students with disabilities (IEP/504) receive accommodations for the PSAT/SAT/ACT?


    Students with IEPs/504s may be entitled to PSAT/SAT/ACT accommodations. The only way to receive these accommodations is to apply for them through the College Board (PSAT/SAT) or the ACT Board (ACT). Accommodations are not guaranteed by virtue of having an IEP or a 504 alone.


    The application process for accommodations can take up to 3 months to complete- it is crucial that you begin the process early by notifying your school counselor of your intent to apply.


    PSAT/SAT: Parents must sign a parental release and then, working with the school counselor, provide all supporting documentation (i.e. medical, psychological etc.)  to the review panel. A panel of licensed medical and education professionals at the College Board will review your application and make a determination about what accommodations may be appropriate. If accommodations are granted, the determination will carry over to all College Board tests (ie. AP exams, subject exams).


    College Board Accommodations


    ACT: Students must select appropriate accommodations during the registration  process. After registering, students will receive an email with follow up  instructions that must be provided to the school counselor who will then submit all supporting documentation for accommodations (i.e. medical, psychological etc.) to the review panel. This panel follows a review process similar to the College Board panel described above.


    ACT Accommodations







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