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The McGyver Challenge

 Help!! Your friends are trapped in a building surrounded by a moat of alligator-infested water!  You need to get them safely away from the building before.....

Armed with only a mirror and a yardstick, students in Mrs. Elofson's Geometry class used similar triangles to find the height of the tree they needed to cut down
in order to save their fictitious friend in the McGyver Challenge last Tuesday(2/5/19).



Coding Day at Bristol Community College

Mrs. Elofson's students enjoyed a stimulating and informative day of coding on May 30th at Bristol Community College in Attleboro.

In the Game Design workshop, students created their own games using a simple visual programming language called Kodu. During the Cybersecurity session, students witnessed in real time how quickly companies track your every move on the internet and learned how this data is collected, sold and often stolen for financial gain, and also discussed careers in cybersecurity.

Finally, during the workshop on Computer Forensics, students teamed up and put their sleuthing and technical skills to the test to uncover evidence left behind by a “criminal mastermind.”

The BCC instructors were well prepared and personable, providing a memorable experience for all.
Code 1  Code 2 
 Code 3


On Tuesday, May 23rd 2017, girls from the ninth, tenth and eleventh grades attended the Coding for Girls Workshop at Bristol Community College.  Students were introduced to digital forensics and learned how crimes are solved using computer forensics technology.  Later they learned how to program in HTML and designed and built their own website.



The girls are Tika Naik, Layna Putterman, Lindsey Perry, Savidya Hettiarachchi, Mary Muldoon, Lindsay McDonald, Haley Bonin, Rachel O'Sullivan and Kendall Seyboth.

Mike Pailler's 9th/10th grade honors geometry class held a "proof party" where students build 2-column proofs to verify geometric theorems using logic and reasoning in a mathematically festive environment!!







MHS Students help fifth and sixth graders explore

STEM careers at STEM Expo 2017

Members of the Mansfield High School Engineering class and the Student Service Corps led several activities during the Envision the Future STEM Expo 2017 in which eighty-five fifth- and sixth-graders took part in activities linked to STEM majors and careers. Twenty nine presenters from the Mansfield school district and corporations from southeastern Massachusetts ran workshops and activities related to STEM topics.


MHS Engineering students Sean Patel, Kat Semple and Dan Nelson and Mrs. Elofson challenged 5th and 6th graders to design and build something to carry a Ping-Pong ball from the top of a zip line to the bottom in less than four seconds while learning about friction and balance.


Mrs. Fournier, a STEM expo co-chair, and Student Service Corp members helped with three workshops and five activity tables for students at the March 18th event. Thirty one members of the volunteer group assisted during the three hour expo. Activities included testing seismic safe buildings on an earthquake table, the non-Newtonian fluid, a Lego challenge, hydrophilic and hydrophobic interactions and a spaghetti marshmallow tower challenge.


The event finished with a closing demonstration of math and music by the Envision the Future team followed by a demonstration by members of Mansfield High School’s Percussion Ensemble.

Engineering News!

This just in from;

Karen Elofson,
Engineering class Mathematics Department Mansfield High School
Dateline; May 6 2016

​​​WE HAVE A NEW RECORD!! There is a new record for the number of engineering textbooks supported by a deck designed using only 6 strips of cardboard, 2 straws, one sheet of copy paper and 12 inches of masking tape—74 books!!   Record stack

Record holders
Proud deck designers of the record-breaking design are Andrew Walsh, Peter Gartland, and Patrick Dean.  
In this section of engineering, students explore the concepts of live load, safety factor and compressive force, and material strength through design process.
Our second place design by Tucker Olen, Sam Cavicchi, and Haig Megerdichian held 53 books.


Mrs. Elofson’s Engineering Videos

Video I
Video II

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